Infection control for podiatry instruments (Sterilising podiatry instruments) January 2020

There are many steps to prepare a pack of sterilised podiatry instruments.

Ensure a clean, uncluttered workspace to sterilise podiatry instruments.

  • Cleaning and packing unsterilised (used) podiatry instruments.

  1. Prepare ultrasonic cleaner.

  2. Fill with water up to required level.

  3. Add instrument cleaning detergent in correct ratio.

  4. Turn on and activate heated ultrasonic cleaner to degas cleaning solution.

  5. Run a aluminium foil test to confirm ultrasonic efficiency of ultrasonic cleaner.

  6. Rinse unsterilised podiatry instruments under warm running water.

  7. Scrub unsterilised podiatry instruments with a brush if required to dislodge visible stains and debris.

  8. Place unsterilised podiatry instruments into prepared ultrasonic cleaner and run a cleaning cycle.

  9. Remove unsterilised podiatry instruments and rinse under warm running water to remove cleaning solution.

  10. Dry unsterilised podiatry instruments.

  11. Pack unsterilised cleaned podiatry instruments into a self seal sterilisation pouch.

  • Sterilising (autoclaving) cleaned podiatry instruments.

  1. Turning on the autoclave, checking for the level of distilled water in the autoclave and running a vacuum test if available.

  2. Label the pack of unsterilised cleaned podiatry instruments with the corresponding autoclave batch number for traceability purposes in the case of a breach of infection control protocols.

  3. Place the pack of unsterilised cleaned podiatry instruments into the autoclave.

  4. Run the autoclave sterilising cycle.

  5. Remove the sterilised podiatry instrument pack after completion of the successful sterilisation cycle.

  6. Leave the sterilised podiatry instrument pack to cool down on a clean tray.

  7. Check the autoclave receipt and indicator on self seal sterilisation pouch to confirm successful sterilisation.

  8. Pack the sterilised podiatry instrument pack after it has cooled into a storage box until required for podiatry treatment.