How to first get your feet in great shape & keep it awesome! (Perth Podiatrist)

If you have dry skin on your feet, thickened nails, cracked heels, calluses and corns, I would highly recommend that you should make an appointment and visit us.

Your podiatrist will take you through our medical pedicure which will help you with all the above.

He/she will listen to your trouble with your feet, assess the condition of your feet, provide a reasonable explanation or diagnosis of your presenting ailment (if any), complete your medical pedicure and discuss an ongoing treatment or management plan with you.

For your initial appointment, your podiatrist will assess your foot health.

- Nails will be trimmed and filed to your desired length and shape or as your podiatrist deems appropriate. Nail problems will be identified and treated with consultation from your podiatrist.

- Nail folds are cleared of accumulated debris.

- Dry and damaged cuticles are treated. Healthy cuticles are left intact and not removed or pushed back. They serve as a barrier protection for the nail matrix.

- Calluses will be debrided and reduced leaving good smooth skin.

- Cracked calloused skin will be treated. It is usually resolved in your initial appointment but if the condition is severe, your podiatrist will recommend and implement a management plan with you.

- Corns will be debrided and reduced or removed.

- Dry skin will be reduced and smoothed over.

- Top quality skincare products will be applied to complete the treatment.

- Enjoy the feeling of comfortable and good looking feet.

Your podiatrist will then discuss and implement an appropriate treatment and management plan to keep your feet looking its best.

(Please remove your nail polish before presenting for your appointment. We are unable to remove shellac nail polish.)

If your problems with your feet are severe, treatments cannot be completed in one consultation. You might require additional follow up consultations or diagnostic tests which may require multiple reviews and a personalised management plan between reviews.

After a few personalised treatments over short period of time, your feet will start to look better and on its way to looking and feeling good.

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